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The MapMyCat Story

In 2010 Lintek, a New Zealand based tracking device design house started the Petrek range. For over 4 years, the Petrek range has been sold nationwide to pet owners to help prevent pet loss. For Lintek it was their chance to get as much feedback as possible to better their Petrek Range and increase the effectiveness of the Petrek trackers they were developing. The goal was simple, that one day pet owners can discover everything about their pets via their smartphone.

Fast forward to 2013, Lintek launched their revolutionary Petrek GPS tracker and was able to start helping pet owners pinpoint their pets and show a clear path of what their pets get up to. There were initial hiccups that took months for Lintek to smooth out and perfect the product. However, hard work prevails and by 2014 they had a solid product that was being used and praised with feel good stories about people discovering their pet's paths, territory, and help them find their lost pets within minutes.

In 2014, the Petrek ranges started expanding through vet stores nationwide and Lintek started trialling MapMyCat with vets to check on client's cats to see their activity levels and habits. Lintek also found from their own research that do tend to stay in their own territory and repeat similar paths each day which prompted the idea of having an MapMyCat report. While the most likely time they would really go missing is when they move houses, hence the MapMyCat Move was introduced so that people who have disorientated cats will be able to find their fur baby if it were to try and head back to the last home. The idea of MapMyCat is simple, we give you a report that tells you where your cat likes to go, how active it is, and what it does when you are at work or asleep. So that one day if your cat does not come home, you'll know where to start looking! Meanwhile if you were to move houses, we've got that sorted for you as well, we hope MapMyCat will reduce your cat worries in the long term and best of all it is a world first, and starts here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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