MapMyCat Plans and Prices

MapMyCat Basic - $69

This is a basic 3 day rent option, these 3 days and nights you will be required to take 30-40mins to charge the tracker once every 12 hours before re-attaching to your cat's collar. A CatData analyst will then produce a basic CatData report showing 3 days’ worth of mapping data, heat map, your cat's favourite routes and houses they like to visit. Thus giving you an idea of their territory and where to look for them should they go missing again.

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MapMyCat Advanced - $99

This is a more extensive option that gives you a full 5 day comprehensive report on your cat. With this option, the CatData analyst will produce an in depth CatData report into the life of your cat based on all movement recorded within the 5 days. You will know how much your cat travels distance and time wise compared to other cats of its age and even find his longest travel distance in those 5 days. The tracker is required to be charged for 30-40min every 12 hours or so. However, an option is available for those who have cats that tend to disappear for days and do not come back once a day.


MapMyCat Move Basic - $149

Moving homes? Afraid your cat will try finding its way back to the old home? We have found that it sometimes takes up to a month for a cat to get used to a new home and neighbourhood. This option requires you to have a compatible smartphone, either an Android with 1GHZ processor phone or an iPhone 4 or newer to make use of our app that will help you find your cat when it's missing. This is a 1 month rental. E-mail us or call us with your phone’s brand and model to see if it's eligible.


MapMyCat Move Advanced - $199

Like the Move Basic, this allows you to gain access to our app which allows you to keep an eye on your cat straight after moving. With the advanced option you will also receive a 5 day comprehensive CatData Analyst report for the final 5 days of your month's rental. This means you will know your cat’s new territory and where it likes wander off to.


IMPORTANT: We advise clients that if they require the trackers for more than 1 month it is recommended they purchase their own units, if they require a Petrek CatData analyst report they can contact directly.